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Digitizing Tape To File Transferring HD and SD Tapes to Computer Files (.mov, .mxf) for editing, or ingesting.

Editing On Final Cut Pro, Avid, or Adobe Premiere Pro

Video Mastering from Final Cut Pro, or Avid:
After editing of your Movie, or Television project, is complete and has been output to computer application files such as Quicktime (.mov) for video, and .wav or .aiff files for audio. We can then transfer these files to a removable hard drive (recommended speed 7200 rpm) You can also ship us the drive, or we can pick up if local, and do the rest We can make a Closed Captioning File (if necessary) then output the Video and audio files on the drive to a master tape, typically an HDCAM SR or HDCAM which is the current Hi-Def industry standards. We also use Pro Tools to record the audio stems in the configurations that your deliverables call for whether it is Stereo Comp Tracks, M&E, or 5.1 surround mix.
After your Hi-Def Master is completed we can make clones, or dubs with different audio configs. Also available are Aspect Ratio Conversions, Cross Conversions to other hi-def formats, and down conversion to standard def NTSC and PAL (which would usually be done on Digi-Beta) We also handle audio transfer to DA-88

Clones & Dubs.
A clone is an exact duplication from one tape to another including Standard, format, timecode configuration, and audio configuration. We do clones in the following formats

Standard Def:
Digital Beta

A Dub is any duplication that stays in the Hi-def or standard def realm They can have differing timecodes, or audio configurations. We can dub to and from any of the above listed formats.

Conversions are dubs that Cross the Hi-Def /Standard Def Spectrum
Down Conversions go from Hi-Def to Standard Def
Up Conversions go from Standard Def to Hi-Def
Cross Conversions go from any Hi-def format to any other
Standards Conversions go from one Hi def standard (such as 1080i, 1080p, 23.98 PSF, or 720p) to any other, or from NTSC to PAL or vice versa in the standard def world.
Aspect Ratio Conversions go from one Aspect Ratio (16x9 full frame, 4x3 Full Frame, 1.85 Letterbox, 2.35 etc) to any other

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