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L.A. Post is a full service Audio Post Production Services facility

As part of our Film, Movie & Television Audio Post Production & QC, L.A. Post can take your Dialogue, Music & Effects (D, M, & E) stems and mix them into the various audio formats your distributor will require, such as Stereo mix tracks, Stereo Music & Effects tracks, &5.1 Full and M&E mixes.

We perform full audio Quality Control as part of our 100% Quality Control reporting services. We also offer Audio Fixing, conforming, synching, Tick pop, and static removal, Audio level correction, including loudness (LKFS / LUFS) levels under the Calm Act. Audio sweetening, and much more. Read below for more info and details on our Audio Services

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Audio Post QC

100% Audio Quality Control

Along with our 100% Video & Audio Q,C. Reports, we also offer QC of audio files only. Some audio companies work on that aspect of a movie. We can assure that everything was done correctly. A second set of eyes (or ears) is always useful to detect issues that may have been missed in the studio audio process.

Our Audio QC reports will contain Audio Peak levels, and mention specific areas where the audio may clip. Clipping occurs when audio levels exceed 0 dBfs, which is the top of the scale. Anything above 0 dbfs will cause audio distortion. We also measure "Loudness" levels, which is an average audio level measured across the entire show. Loudness levels must be metered by specific applications that scan the entire show for an average. Under the calm act, which is a law put into effect to regulate the volume of TV shows and commercials, the loudness levels must fall into a specific range.

The audio QC report will also contain a detailed list of any audio anomalies found throughout the feature or show. The issues will be listed in order by time code. Some of the items on the list will include: Audio ticks, pops, or static in dialogue. Level rises or drops, Audio mutes, mono audio, missing effects, and much more.

Audio QC Fixing Services

We can fix any items flagged on a QC report that caused it to be graded as rejected or on hold, including any of the other issues listed on this page, as well as fixing missing effects in M&E mixes.

Often movies need an Music & Effecfs mix if the show will be going to international markets. M&E mixes are used for dubbing foreign languages to the movie. The correct way to do this is by adding the effects later ina foley studio. Smaller budgeted movies usually can't do this, they use the effects that came though the microphones while filming. Since M&E tracks can contain no dialogue, this leads to problems with missing effects in M&E. L.A. Post will add all the missing effects to make a fully filled M&E track.

After the fixing of issues has been completed, the report will be amended to note all fixed items. The final disposition of the report will be changed to Approved.

Building Sound Mixes from Existing Files

L.A. Post can take your D, M, & E (Dialogue, Music & Effects) files and mix them into any specific mix you may require, such as 2.0 Stereo Full Mix, 2.0 Stereo M & E, 5.1 Full Mix, or 5.1 M&E Mix.

Additionally, if D, M, & E files do not exist, we can take a stereo mix and render it to an M & E mix. If a 5.1 mix is required, we can use the M&E mix created to make an LFE track. (low frequency effects), which contains all the bass sound that come from the subwoofer and is part of a 5.1 mix. We can then isolate all the dialogue in a mix to create a final, full 5.1 mix.

Audio Cleanup

Removal of Audio anomalies that, while not "rejectable" take away from the overall quality of the audio tracks. Issues including static, ticks, pops, bumps, lip smacks, and other audio glitches will be removed for a more polished sound.

Audio Synchronization and Conforming

Making sure the entire all audio tracks are in synch, with the action and each other. Audio conforming includes dialogue lip movement and effects synch. Many times, a movie will go "out of synch" during different scenes, due to final editing. This can sometimes occur randomly and for differing durations. We get the whole movie back in synch.

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