Film, Movie & Television Audio Post Production

L.A. Post is a full service Audio Post Production Services facility

We can take your Dialogue, Music & stems and mix them into Stereo mix tracks, Stereo Music & Effets tracks, 5.1 Full and M&E mixes. We also perform full audio Quality Control as part of our 100% Quality Control Reports services. We also offer Audio Fixing, conforming, synching Tick / Pop / Static removal, Audio level correction incluing loudness (LKFS / LUFS) levels under the Calm Act. Audio sweetening and much more.

100% Audio Quality Control

Building Sound Mixes from scratch or D, M, & E

Stereo Mix

Stereo M&E (Music & Effects Tracks)

5.1 (full mix and M&E)

Other audio mixes

Audio Fixing

Audio Conforming

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Full Service Television Video Post Production & Quality Control:

Services Include: