Post Production Supervision Services

The Post Production Supervisor's job is to coordinate all facets of the post process, and ensure a smooth melding of many forces to complete your project on time and for as little cost as possible. Some of the Post Supervisors skills include, familiarity with editing systems like Avid, and Final Cut Pro, knowledge of all video tape formats and standards, And experience in the processes of cloning, dubbing, audio mixing, and editing, ensuring that all deliverables are completed correctly and in a timely manner. The PPS leads a team of individuals which includes producers, directors, editors, audio specialists, graphic designers, engineers, tape operators and QC operators. Our Post Supervisor has over 25 years experience in Tape operations, mastering, and engineering, and has ran entire companies; he has a vast knowledge of every intricacy involved in taking care of the client and project, and ensuring the smooth completion of all work.

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Full Service Television Video Post Production & Quality Control:

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