Audio Post Production Services

Sound Design
Achieving a desired audio effect through the manipulation of various natural and synthetic sounds, A Sound designer creates new layers of sound which will be combined into a final audio mix. in our state of the art sound design suite our audio expert will take the recorded elements for your project and combine them with a vast sound effects collection to create your desired artistic vision.

Sound Mix
The process by which all the recorded sound for your project, such as dialogue, narration, music, and sound effects are combined into a final audio output. A skilled sound mixer will manipulate the dynamics, frequencies, signal level, and panoramic placement to complete a final stereo or 5.1 Mix. In our full service audio mix suites Our audio expert combines the artistic with the scientific to give you the optimum audio experience. We use the state of the art Pro Tools System on all audio projects. Clients will love our spacious and comfortable audio Bays

Voice Over
We are equipped with two audio booths for voice-overs, audio dialogue replacement and narration. Each of our audio suites has VO booth which is roomy and comfortable enough to accommodate multiple voice over artists at a time. The booths are linked together for even more flexibility in your VO, or ADR sessions. State of the art microphones, and preamps, and the Pro Tools system gives you the freedom to exchange audio files and date with other studios and through file transfer protocol and online file transfer.

5.1 Mix
The 5.1 Surround Mix is a 6 channel audio configuration which is compatible with today's surround sound theatre systems. Various audio stems are combined to create 360 degree audio experience. 5.1 Surround Mix channels consist of: (Front) Left, Center, Right and LFE (or Subwoofer, & (Rear) Left Surround, Right Surround.

Also known as Digital Patch, 3D2 or Land Patch, is the ability to interact with other studios around the world to create simultaneous voice recording sessions from multiple locations. We also use Source Connect which enables connection through the internet rather than over ISDN's conventional lines

Full Service Film & Movie Video Post Production & Quality Control:

Services Include: