Film Post Production Quality Control

Video/Audio Quality Control

Film Post Production Quality Control is a complete inspection of a Movie, film or television asset (Quicktime or other type file or tape) from head to tail, to insure it meets all technical specifications for distributors, networks, or clients. Quality Control reports are usually required before a network or film distribution company will allow a project to be submitted.

Film & movie post production QC Using Davinci Resolve & Mac Trashcan
L.A. Post Film & TV Quality Control Suite

All QC's come with a completed 100% Quality Control report which lists all Video and Audio specs measured by waveform monitors, vector scopes, and audio scopes. The report also provides a detailed list by timecode location of any and all problems which are rated on a scale for severity. The QC report concludes with an overall evaluation of Pass, Hold, or Fail.

Our staff interacts with the client, distributor or network to make sure whatever expected specifications from the specification sheet is fulfilled. Check out our Quality Control FAQ for any questions you may have.

If a file, such as an Apple Pro Res 4444 UHD file, or 422 HD file, is put on hold, or failed, notes will be included on how to fix the problems that caused the rejection. The QC Report includes a full list of any potential isses rated on a scale of 1-3. That rating will determine whether the show is passed, on hold, or rejected. Our staff is also available to answer any question necessary to help the editor get the movie or show to QC Approval.

L.A Post can also help out with any fixes that may be needed through our Finishing Services. Our editors are able to fix a vast array of issues to help you get your movie complete and "out the door." We offer the most competitive prices and quick turnaround times. For a More Detailed look at what is involved in Film Post Production Quality Control, see our Televison Film & Video Quality Control Process Page.

Quality Control Services Include

  • File Based QC on Davinci Resolve, Quicktime, Final Cut Pro.
  • All Tape Formats (HDCAM SR, HDCAM, Digi-Beta)
  • 4K / Hi-Def (1080psf 23.98 1080i 30, 1080p 24, 25, 720p,)
  • Completed 100% Quality Control Reports
  • As fast as 1 Day Turnaround
  • Masters, Clones, or Dubs of Feature Films
  • Episodic Television Quality Control
  • Lowest Prices in L.A
  • 33 Years QC Experience
  • Quality Control Consulting
  • Fixing & Finishing Available
  • All Work Guaranteed

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Full Service Film & Movie Video Post Production & Quality Control:

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