Video & Audio Post Finishing Services

At L.A. Post we offer film and television video and audio finishing services; to get your project complete and delivered. After the Quality Control Report is complete a program will often need additional work done a.k.a. "fixes," in order for the report to be free of any issues that will cause the movie or show to be rejected. The director, or editor has the option to fix all items noted as rejected or on hold, and resubmit for a follow up fix QC, or if such issues exist we can take care of those notes, fix the problems & attain report approval. We will then output a Master file that will be turned in to the client. This file will be the one that is used for any subseqent post work or output. Here is a breakdown of things we can help with.

Video Finishing Services

L.A. Post's Video Finishing Features Include:

Color Correction:
Often non-big studio movies are not fully Color Corrected. Ways in which this is occurs are numerous and include: Elevated Black Levels, in program which cause the black to look less dark, this can make the entire picture loose definition, and cause it to look washed out. We can optimize black levels to make picture "Pop." Other Color correction issues include colors not matching between shots & scenes, colors and levels should match in all like shots throughout show. Undersaturated colors, colors are muted. We measure color on a vectorscope so can adjust all colors to be full and consistent.

Incorrect Video Levels:
A program can be rejected for high or low black levels, or high luminance (white) levels. There are specific measurments that must be met for these to be considered "legal." These specifications are measured with waveform monitors & vectorscopes. High Chrominance levels will also cause a show to be rejected, we can adjust those levels into the legal realm as well.

Bad Edits:
Such as black frames, repeat frames, freeze frames at cut, jump cuts and other editing problems.

Incorrect Head Format:
The Head format occurs at the head of the project before program begins. TV networks and some film companies have specific requriements. Errors occur when Bars, tones, slate, countdown 2-pop and start of program not in correct place

We can fix also fix video problems including issues with horizontal or vertical blanking, video hits, incorrect text locations, and many other problems that could pop up on a QC Report.

Audio Finishing Services

L.A. Post's Audio Finishing Features Include:

Incorrect Audio & Loudness Levels:
According to the Calm Act which is a law passed by the US Government. All programs (and commercials) should have a Loudness level of -24LKFS (or LUFS) +/-2 This means between -22 abd -26 LKFS, these measurments are made across the entire show to keep all programming around the same level. We often QC programs that do meet these levels. "Clipping" Audio Peaks is when audio levels peak above 0 dbfs, which is the highest acceptable level, any higher will induce static. we can adjust these levels to legal Spec.

Audio Tick, pops, & glitches
These can be caused by any number of reasons including the use of "Lav" mics. We can remove the anomalies.

Out of sync dialogue & effects
Lip movement does not match dialogue, effects are not in sync. These can happen randomly, or thoughout entire sections of program. We can get the entire feature in sync.

Missing Effects in M&E
Effects that are present in stereo mix tracks or other audio tracks must also be included in Stereo M&E track. Often M&E tracks that we do quality control reports on, are not fully filled, usually because foley mixing was not done, and effects were taken through the mics during shooting. As M&E tracks cannot have dialogue, effects that happened while dialogue was happening simultaneously cannot be used in M&E tracks. We can fill them or create a full one.

Incorrect Channel Assignments
Audio tracks that are not correctly set up or in the right order.

If L.A. Post does the QC and we do the fixes we can immediately ammend the report moving line items that no longer exist and changing the overall dispostion of the report to approved. We can also do fix checks, for clients that prefer to do their own fixes. In a fix check we view the fixed areas and sign off if corrected. We are also available for consulting on any and QC and finishing related matters.

Full Service Television Video Post Production & Quality Control:

Services Include: