L.A. Post Client List

Here is a list of our recent clients

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Pacific Film Foundation - Los Angeles
Welling Films - Houston
Normal Productions-Los Angeles
Reel House Productions - Huntington N.Y.
Valenti Films- Toluca Lake Ca.
Adventurous Pictures
Wacko Productions-Los Angeles
Crossing Hollow Films_Birmingham Al.
Rexpost-Portland Ore.
5th St. Films-Los Angeles
Gold Creek Films- Mission Hills Ca.
Regroup Films-Portland Ore.
VMI - Los Angeles Studio 13 NYC-N.Y.
BoulderLight Pictures- Beverly Hills Ca.
Icon Television & Music-Hollywood Ca.
The Forgery-Wilmington N.C.
PBS Socal- Los Angeles
Indican Pictures- Hollywood
Teepeegee Productions-Ho Chi Mihn City Vietnam
Gathr Films-Los Angeles
SD Media - Mumbai India
Sonora North Productions - Vancouver Canada
Tri Coast Films- Los Angeles
Something Massive- Los Angeles Applied Arts Productions - Hollywood
Smashed Productions- Shelbyville In.
Digital Realm- Oak Brook Il
Mutt Productions - Dallas Texas
McManus Bros. Films - Los Angeles
Project 8 Films - Los Angeles
Sonali Films - Virginia
Blake Phillips Director- Los Angeles Ca.
7 Mile Media - Los Angeles
Mark Frieberger (Director) - Los Angels
Winston Tao Productions - Los Angeles
Creative Technology West - San Francisco
Big Shot Music Group- Los Angeles
Working Class Films - Phoenix Az.
Tim Skousen Productions - Salt Lake City Utah
Ten 31 Productions - L.A.
In House Video Productions - Vancouver B.C. Canada
Ghost Atomic- L.A.
ABC Mouse - Glendale Ca.
Milenium Studios- Los Angeles
On The Mark Productions - Deal N.J.
147 Films - Manila
Mega Films - New York City
Digital Media Imaging LTD.- Mumbai India
Flow With A Go Films - Santa Monica Ca.
Crater Lion Productions - Sacramento Ca.
Equilibrium Entertainment - Los Angeles
Flying Mind Post - Los Angeles
I Will Shoot You Productions - Los Angeles
Big Foot Entertainment - Los Angeles
Film Ranch - Phoenix Az.
Joel Granges Productions - Los Angeles
NBC - Burbank Ca.
Video Copy Services - Atlanta Ga.
Warner Bros. Pictures - Los Angeles
Legenedary Pictures - Los Angeles
Blare Media - Fresno Ca.
Deon Taylor Productions - Sacramento Ca.
Writing in Chalk Productions - New York
Radio X - L.A.
Atlas Digital - Los Angeles
Yellow Wallpaper Productions - Los Angeles
DNA Inc.- Hollywood Ca.
Steel Spyda USA LLC - Orlando Fl.

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