Avid crashes when making new sequence

Posted in Video Editing on December 17th, 2011 7:47 am by admin

Avid crashes when making new sequence

Im having yet more problems with MC6.  I finally got past the AMPI subsystem error problem and now I am getting a crash every time I create a new sequence.  Nothing changed, but it started doing this early today and has been for the past several hours.


Im forced to close Avid, reopen, then I can create the sequence.  However, if I wait too long, another crash comes up.

MC 6.0 AVCHD Problems

I have tried (unsuccessfully) to use the trial version to edit AVCHD from Panasonic AG-HMC150.

My system is: Dell Precision T3500, X5650 6 core Xeon processor, 24 GB 1333 MHz ram, nVidia FX4800 video card, Creative X-Fi Fatality Pro audio card and 3.0 TB of HDD (2 1TB & 2 500GB). I am running Win 7 Ultimate SP1 and nVidia Driver version 275.89.

This week I did a clean install of the OS and after doing all of the Win 7 updates I installed trial version of MC 6. It was only app on system other than apps needed for hardware. I tried every possible way of importing SD files with no luck. I then downloaded the Avid AMA Plug-in, installed it and tried to link to my files. They would link, but when I put them on the timeline and moved the pointer the system would freeze resulting in an error message from MC 6.

Can anyone help? I have been a fan of Avid for a long time but I must be able to edit the Panasonic files. I am willing to try anything.

Thanks in advance.


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