MC6 – bit of a dissapointment here so far

Posted in Video Editing on December 16th, 2011 7:47 am by admin

MC6 – bit of a dissapointment here so far

Maybe our Dual twin core Xeon Dell Precision and Quadro FX 1800 GPU are not man enough to handle MC6, even though well above the minimum specs, but after all the excitement and anticipation of MC 6 I have to say it has been a major dissapointment.

We have (for the time being) been forced to revert to 5.5.2.

Why? Well maybe I was misguided, but I believed that a 64bit application, making the best use of my CPU and memory at last would make the system sing. Instead we got a clunky, sluggish and un-responsive machine that was unuseable.

Switching between workspaces took 5 – 10 seconds (I kid you not)

Trim-mode didnt update the preview window images (what use that?)

MX02 mini mad it all more sluggish

I am hoping that some (very near future) patch or update will be released that will address these issues ans we can proceede with our upgrade plans

Importing .M2T error

Does anyone know what this eror mean?

Does anyone know what this eror means? What are some other ways to get my .M2T files into MC6?

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