Audio Track Reordering

Posted in Video Editing on December 12th, 2011 7:52 am by admin

Audio Track Reordering

Had anyone notice any problems re-aaranging the audio tracks?

Recently, I find it too buggy, specialy when dealing with mono and stereo keeps reverting back to the original order.

Title Tool problem MC6

Hi, I am having a roblem with the title tool.  Doesn't seem to save.

My process..

I make one title, set font sizes etc.  Then duplicate said title, drop into timeline and then open, edit and close (save).  I have always done it this way for hundreds of projects.

However, when I am trying it now (first time in MC6) it goes to save but sits there and does nothing.  Then if I click again to close it it asks me if I am sure I want to close a title that is currently being saved.  I've had to reboot twice.  Anyone else had this problem?  Is there a work around?

Just very basic titles… White on black, not promoted to Marquee.


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