Make installation path user-definable

Posted in Video Editing on November 26th, 2011 7:45 am by admin

Make installation path user-definable

Hitting "Install All" on MC6, the installer uses C:\. That´s not my drive of choice.

Installing individual products asks me though where I want to put it.

Install all needs to ask the destination path, please.


Matrox Mini Max mp4 conversion while editing in MC



maybe I should post it to Matrox forum but maybe someone has an answer here too…


I'm using  Adobe Media Encoder 5.5.1 for converting avid quicktime ref to mp4 with Matrox Max. For some reason I cannot run the conversion and edit in MC at the same time. The MC gets very slow and after some seconds Media Encoder gives a Failed message.


Does anyone have any success converting quicktime reference files in Adobe Media Encoder using Matrox Max codecs and at the same time edit in MC without any problems? If I cannot use Matrox box at the same time for accelerated H264 encoding and full screen MC editing I find the MAX option pretty useless because it eliminates the background converting.


I'm running MC 5.5.3 and Mtx.utils


Thank you.

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