MC 6.0 Not Starting up correctly

Posted in Video Editing on November 20th, 2011 7:44 am by admin

MC 6.0 Not Starting up correctly

I am a long time Final Cut Pro user and I've just purchased Media Composer 6.0 but I am having some issues right off the bat.  I have never used MC before, and after installing my downloaded version of MC 6.0, I got an error when trying to create a new project.  I do not have the error in front of me but it said something like '"Segmentation fault" in thread "Main Thread"' After clicking through, MC just crashed immediately.  I tried opening again and got the same error.  I then restarted my computer, and was able to open MC without the error.  However, as I'm going through the "Getting Started" DVD, I can see that the window layout in the DVD doesn't look anything like mine.  All I can see is a panel with the following tabs: Bin, Settings, Format, Usage, Info.

In the DVD when the instructor opens up a project (actually the same project as me since I'm using the exercise files) he has a timeline, two windows for viewing video (in FCP they would be the canvas and viewer, not sure of the MC terms yet), and he also has the same panel with the tabs I listed above.

I tried restoring the Source/Record Editing layout to default and no luck.  Please let me know what may be going on either with the error above and/or the absence of all the panels in my window layout.


Mike S

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