Windows 7 updates and installing codecs

Posted in Video Editing on November 1st, 2011 6:48 am by admin

Windows 7 updates and installing codecs

The main point of this question is which W7 updates can (or should) installed, from the ones Windows says that should be), and which video codecs can be installed in Windows so that other programs can work in 64 bit.


The main problem I am having is with Subtitle Workshop, which is a program I use to add soft subtitles on videos I edit in Avid and then burn to DVDs and else. After googling for the solution, apparently I have to install a K-lite codec file, but I wonder if it may affect Avid's behaviour.

DVD Authoring For MC Mac

I just got a MacBook Pro (1 month ago) & loaded Avid on it & the Prodution Suite.  Then I tried to install Avid DVD.  No go.  Learned that it is not written for Mac.  I have other Avids, been an Avid editor for years.  Really like the easy workflow into Avid DVD.  So now I'm stuck.  What do I do for authoring with menus?  Do I edit on the MacBook & then take file out same as source to my HP & use Avid DVD to author on there?

I hear that iDVD is no longer supported (My Macbook came with iMovie, iPictures & GarageBand).  Great consumer products, but will not help me in my work on 1 machine.  Blaaaa

Why is Avid DVD not available on a Mac?  Maybe that Mac thing wasn't such a good idea…..

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