Video Consulting Services

L.A. Post is available for consulting for all phases of Video/Audio Post work, and Video/Audio QC Worldwide. Our Post expert can travel to your facility and advise on setting up a Tape room, including standard and hi def machines, and how to use them. Also equipment that you would need for Up conversion, downconversion, and cross conversion with training on how to use. He can also advise on other facets of post such as audio mixers, routers, patch bays, slate generators, and any other equipment you need and it's use.

Our QC Expert can travel to your facility and advise you on setting up a QC room, reading waveform monitors and vectorscopes, and the various standards and formats for hi-def, and standard def, including aspect ratio's, line counts, luminance, and chroma speos, blanking specs and much more. He will also instruct on how to perform QC work, and what types of problems you should be looking/listening for; as well as provide you with a Quality Control report template and directions on how to fill one out so you can do your QC's Please give us a call at 1-323-316-8298 for more information.

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Full Service Television Video Post Production & Quality Control:

Services Include: