Film & Televison Video Post Production FAQ

Some of our Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about the Video aspect of Post Production and QC. You can find out more detaled information at our specific FAQ pages.

Q: How can I take an edited file and put it on hi-def tape?

A: A process known as a Layoff is how we convert an edited digital file, to tape such as HDCAM SR, using an editing program such as Final Cut Pro, or Avid. These programs have an edit to tape function that will allow a digital file to be trasnfered to tape. Hi-def files need to go to Hi-def tape formats such as HDCAM SR which is an uncompressed video format and can take up to 12 channels of audio, or HDCAM which has a compressed video signal can can take only 4 channels of audio but is less expensive. Tapes can be made from any standard such as 23.98psf, 24p, or 29.97 interlaced, and go "straight across" to tape, or be converted to any other standard<

Q: Can you convert standard & hi-def tapes to pro-res or other files?

A: We can convert any type of television video tape in hi-def, (such as HDCAM SR, HDCAM, or D5) or standard def tapes (such as Digital Betacam, or Betacam SP) into digitial files that can be used in an editing program. Usually we would convert the files into a Pro Res 4:2:2 codec, we can also convert to other codecs as well. More info is available on our Digitizing Tape To File page.

Q: How do I set up the head format on my quicktime file

A: Usually the spec sheet provided by the distributor, or network you are working with will tell you how to lay out the head format, if no guidance is provided we will use a Standard Broadcast Head Format

With digital delivery now the norm, some projects require no head format, just a simple couple of seconds (or frames) of black at ths start of the file. Other disturbutors still require color bars, slate, and possibly a countdown before the start of program.

Q: I have a hi-def file and I need to make a DVD? How can I do that?

A: DVD is a standar-def format, so You can either burn a Blu-Ray Disc instead which is a hi-def format but more expensive especially if you want mutlitple copies. Also some distributors / clients might insist on DVD despite your hi-def video. The other alternative is to downconvert the footage you have to standard-def. You can find out more about the process on our Downconversions page. The the prevalence of digital delivery ofthen a file can be put on a hard drive and delivered to a producer or distributor thereyb eliminating the need for DVD or Blu-Ray.

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Full Service Television Video Post Production & QC:
HDCAM SR, Quicktime, Digitizing, Conversions, Blu-Ray

Services Include:
  • 100% Quality Control of Tape or File with Complete QC Reports
  • 4K, 2K, HD, SD
  • Video & Audio Finishing Services
  • QC Issue Fixing Services
  • Editing & Color Correction w/ Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Avid & Pro Tools
  • Full Audio Post Including Making M&E Tracks and 5.1 Mixes from Scratch
  • Post Production Consulting
  • Digitizing from Tape to Pro Res Files
  • Digital Cinema Package (DCP) Encoding and Delivery
  • Up, Down, & Cross Conversions Clones or Dubs (Analog/Digital/NTSC/PAL)
  • Quicktime video output & mastering production to All Formats