Digitzing Hi-def & Standard-def to File.

Tape to File Digitizing Today, many productions and most post production occurs with content stored in a computer file format. Video tape, both analog and digital, is quickly disappearing. Final stage delivery is usually in a file format even for movie theaters nowadays (DCP). Getting your legacy tape-based content transferred over to a file format is commonly called 'Digitizing'. Usually, the cost associated with this process is returned in huge savings for post, sweetening and other computer based digital processing.

WE offer digitizing for most standard formats, and a few not-so-standard ones.

Common Tape Sources

Common File Formats

  • DCP
    • (Digital Cinema Package:The current method of delivering motion pictures to movie theatres)
  • Self Contained Quicktime
    • (Embedded audio/video. After Digitizing we can export Self Contained files which contains all audio & video tracks)
  • Final Cut Pro (Apple Pro Res 4:2:2 .mov)
  • Avid
  • (.mxf)
  • Adobe Premiere

We can also cross convert the file to different timecode standards such as 59.94, 23.98, 24, or 25.

Aspect ratios conversions are also available in 16X9 for full frame, 2.35, 1.85 etc.

We deliver the files to you on a hard drive that you provide to us, along with the tapes. We can ship to anywhere. In some cases we can send the files to you via FTP

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Full Service Television Video Post Production & QC:
HDCAM SR, Quicktime, Digitizing, Conversions, Blu-Ray

Services Include:
  • 100% Quality Control of Tape or File with Complete QC Reports
  • 4K, 2K, HD, SD
  • Video & Audio Finishing Services
  • QC Issue Fixing Services
  • Editing & Color Correction w/ Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Avid & Pro Tools
  • Full Audio Post Including Making M&E Tracks and 5.1 Mixes from Scratch
  • Post Production Consulting
  • Digitizing from Tape to Pro Res Files
  • Digital Cinema Package (DCP) Encoding and Delivery
  • Up, Down, & Cross Conversions Clones or Dubs (Analog/Digital/NTSC/PAL)
  • Quicktime video output & mastering production to All Formats