Archival Digitizing of Old Analogue Format Broadcast Tapes

Digitizing Legacy Analogue Television Tape Formats Digitizing Legacy Analogue Television Tape Formats From the onset of Televison history through the dawn of the ditigal age, TV program were stored on various forms of Analogue Video Tape. Those different formats changed over the years, but have no become obsolote with digital technology and more recently hi-def. Some of the old machines are very hard to find, and need repairs if they can be located.

We can take your old anlaogue legacy formats from both the professional and consumer levels, and digitize them to computer based files, which can then be edited in programs such as Avid, & Final Cut Pro if necessary. Some of these formats include.

Analogue Tape Formats

  • Mini-DV
  • Hi-8 / 8mm
  • 3/4"
  • VHS
  • 1"

We can also convert or Digitize PAL Tape Formats.

We can also cross convert the file to different timecode standards such as 59.94, 23.98, 24, or 25.

Aspect ratios conversions are also available in 16X9 for full frame, 2.35, 1.85 etc.

We deliver the files to you on a hard drive that you provide to us, along with the tapes. We can ship to anywhere. In some cases we can send the files to you via FTP

We have the best prices in the industry for digitizing video tape, and can provide a quicker turnaround time then almost anyone, please contact us with any question, a price quote, or to book.

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