Converting HDCAM, Digi-Beta, & Beta SP to Quicktime Files

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With the ubiquitous Hi-Def Market what it currently is, and the rapid ascendence of UHF (Ultra Hi-Def) 4K emerging, the need and use for video tape, especally standard def video cassettes such as Digi-Beta and Beta SP are on their way to obsolescence. Bring us your broadcast video cassette tapes, for digitizing to file.
We will take your hi-def HDCAM SR, HDCAM or D5 tapes and ingest them into our computer system, and export a new computer file. We can make a self contained quicktime file, which is one file that contains all the video and audio files embedded into one .mov or other type of file for editing on Final Cut Pro, Avid, or Adobe Premiere
We can also cross convert the file to other timecodes such as 59.94, 23.98, 24, or 25. Aspect ratios conversions are also available in 16X9 for full frame, 2.35, 1.85 etc.

We also convert standard definition tapes to file, from Digital Betacam (digi beta) and Betacam SP
L.A Post specializes in digitizing standard def to file. We can also upconvert to hi-def, and cross convert
Between NTSC & PAL
Let us take care of all your television video archiving needs. Give us a call anytime for more Info.

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