FTP and File Transfer Sevices For Video Post Production

Posted in Post Production Services on March 26th, 2013 2:32 pm by admin

L.A. Post is located in Los Angeles just minutes from Hollywood and Burbank near Universal Studios, an excellent location for quick local pickup or delivery, or fast response for on site services. However, video production is not confined to any particular geographic area and our global client base relies on our expertise from many thousands of miles away. With our client ftp access and quick service from major delivery companies, files, tapes or hard drives are never far away. In today’s file driven production world the ease of content movement is key to our industry leading response and turnaround times.

We offer ftp transfer and file storage along with backup services. For those with upload capabilities or time constraints, this is the best way to assure the timely delivery of your product. When hard drives or tape projects must be delivered, we will return them with no handling charges when you provide you FEDEX or UPS number. We can return your product to you or forward it to your client for you. We offer free pickup/delivery services to most local locations.

Clients can provide their content in almost any format and through many delivery systems. From your hard drive or file we can create hard copies in most formats. We offer layoff services from file to HDCAM/SR Digital tape, many times creating tapes and performing quality control on them after audio or video post production services. Blu-ray disk services are also available, along with just about any current and many older formats of tape or disk. Services include clones, dubs, standards and format conversions and much more, by the piece or in quantity. Let us distribute your final cut after production and qc. Proof copies or files can be sent for approval negating the need for shuffling and multiple shipping of disks or tapes, saving time and money.

As L.A.’s leading post house we service many large productions and local studios, but we are also available to clients world wide. Smaller local productions can get the same high level services available to our major clients in Hollywood. Contact us any time and let us take care of all you post production needs, big and small.

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