Avid FX Crash – “Can’t open System File” – now in MC6!

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Avid FX Crash – “Can’t open System File” – now in MC6!

I had this problem with MC 5.5, – reported here – http://community.avid.com/forums/p/100331/577715.aspx#577715  and solved by deleting the Avid FX ini file from the Windows folder.

Now, in MC6, I have exactly the same problem again – whilst using Avid FX (exploring, actually), suddenly a small panel pops up centre screen with the message "Can't open System File" – which then rapidly repeats slightly down right of itself until it reaches the bottom right corner – obviously in a never ending loop.  Go to the Task manager – and the panel is shown hundreds of times – and as fast as it is deleted, it regenerates.  Only way out is to close MC.

As I say, the cure last time was to delete the Avid FX ini file from the Windows folder … but that doesn't exist – in the Windows folder – in MC6 (perhaps it should – and that's why it cannot be found?).  The old renamed file (I always rename rather than delete … in case!) is still there though.  That can, of course, go now.(That won't be the cause of the problem this time … no program would look for a file with the namer I gave it …!!)

Does anyone know where the Avid FX ini file is now kept – if there is one  (I have done many searches looking for it without success) – or what it is called now, or what the cure for this Avid FX show stopper could be, please?

I would re-install, but worry about whether it needs de-activating first(?), and in any event last time I did that, it did nnot solve the problem at all.

Apart from this one thing, MC6 seems to be running very sweetly, and the installation of MC and all its 'bits' went smoothly without problem.  So things are imoproving in the Shaw household…

TIA for any help on this.

What does ADM_CHNL_BOUNDS mean?

I occassionally get this message when I try to play a sequence loaded in the source monitor.  Any clue as to what this means and how to fix it?  TIA.

I'm on v5.03 BTW.

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