a JVC 720 50p capture issue

Posted in Video Editing on December 28th, 2011 7:38 am by admin

a JVC 720 50p capture issue

I try to capture in MC from JVC GY HD 201 camcorder tapes recorded in 720 50 p format, and suddenly it stops with the message: Capture aborted due to the lack of progress. I think there's a problem with capturing audio, because when I tried to disable audio it works. Have anybody with the JVC cams had the same problems?

How to get titels an old look?

Hello there all!

I working on  a film, that starts with the title of the year – 1993.

I want the scratches, and damaged look of the title (I tried to play with the opacity of the title – with no success), and to put a "Film damage Effect (From the "NewBlue Film Effects") which reminds Boris fx, and it changed the colors of the title to black, and the frame turned white! (I tried to edit the title the opposite way, so the effect will change it to the right colors, but it didnt worked as I suspected).


I'll be glad to have some help here. Thank you guys!



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