Pandora’s Box

Posted in Video Editing on December 27th, 2011 7:40 am by admin

Pandora’s Box

I have had the same thread at Liquid's forums where everyone can post his favorite freeware applications that can help others too.

Those are for PC only as I don't use a Mac.


It is a multi cleaning tool that you can have at the recycle bin and use it by right click.

It has a registry cleaner as well. Excellent for me.

You could stick it or we can just finding it by the search tool.


MC6 and Ethernet attached clients not supported?

Hi everyone,

We have a Unity Media Network that is attached to 4 ethernet clients. Currently we have 2 MC5.5 and 2 MC4. All of them are working fine. We would like to upgrade to MC6, however, when I was reading the pdf file for MC6, it said that "There is no support for ethernet attached clients in a MediaNetwork environment." on page 19. IS it true that MC5.5 is the end of the road for ethernet attached clients? Will Avid stop supporting this environment? One problem is that the 2 MC4s we have are on imacs and if we upgrade to fibre channels, then we'll have to change the workstations as well. Which will be unreasonable because these computers are mainly used for preview and digitizing only. Can someone confirm this to us? Thank you in advance!

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