MC6 Bugs

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MC6 Bugs

Moderator's note: This thread is now a sticky for one, easy to reach place to report bugs with MC 6.

Larry Rubin

Has anyone else noticed these:

1.  Reverse Selection doesn't work in bin

2.  Sometimes Media Tool window won't close and makes the GUI unresponsive.  Reboot avid and Media Tool is still there but closes as usual.  It's happened several times now but I haven't discovered the exact sequence that causes it.

3.  The # (shift ~) key on my (UK) keyboard (furthest right on third row from bottom) isn't available to map to but was there in MC5.5.  I've used it for Quick Transition for years now.


Overall, I'm very happy with MC6 but I am missing the EX AMA plugin.



Unity Connection Manager (Ethernet) for LION!

hi all =)


now we have 4 iMac's with lion and we want to connect to the Unity MN5 (5.1.3) and there ist no Connection manager in download center?!?! for fiber there is one but i can't find him for ETHERNET!


has anyone an idea?!


best regards


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