MC6 wrong keyboard setting

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MC6 wrong keyboard setting


I have installed MC6 on a HP Z400 machine, FX1800, 12GB Ram

OS Win 7 64bit German language.

the systemkeyboard is set to DE (deutsch – austria)

If I start a project MC6 noticed me that the keyboard settings have changed.

Inside MC6 the keyboard is English (United States), i can not change it.

With MC 5.5.3 all worked fine.

Any tips?

Thanks and best regards



Bug during import image – MC5 import the all images in file

Hello there good people.

I ran into a bug maybe. I'm tryng to import an image from a file in my computer (Which is in English, no greek words or other stuff that can cause bug), for 20 second long (by setting). Mc5 imports me the image, and built as a 1 frame image with all the other images in the seq (so I get a 10 frames long image, with contains 10 diffrent images inside by duration of 1 fps for each one).

My setting are in the picture I uploaded



And one more question

Why the blur effect canceling my resize image effect? I try to do the opposite, and that the resize effect canceling the blur. Can they work together?


Thanks for your help people!!



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