Multicam Question

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Multicam Question

I've read that Media Composer 6.0 is not possible to do multicam editing with AVCHD files accessed through AMA.  I would like to find out a good format to transcode the AVCHD files to in order to use Multicam editing without creating files that are near 10 times the size of AVCHD (such as ProRes 422).  The main reason I do not want to convert to ProRes 422 is not as much because of the large amount of space it takes up, but rather that I have a G-Raid drive that is connected to my Macbook Pro via FW800 and with my setup I cannot playback 3 streams of ProRes 422 during multicam editing without playback stutter.  

I would like to find a codec that I can convert my AVCHD files to, which has a good balance of quality, but will playback 3 streams without the playback stutter.  Generally, the only manipulation of the pixels will be some color correction, so the codec does not necessarily need to be 4:2:2.

I've been told that XDCAM could work, but with all the different variations of XDCAM, I'm not sure which one to go with (or if XDCAM isn't a great choice).


Mike S. 


Dual Monitor problem with MC6


I appreciate that this may well be more a W7 issue than MC6 but I would appreciate all help none the less.

Set my monitors up, all seems fine, arrange my MC6 workspace as desired and saved as current workspace etc.

The problem is that when I shutdown then restart MC everything appears in the right (non primary monitor) I can drag it across to momitor 1 and my workspace has been preserved but it is irriatating to have to drag the MC interface back into placed each time I open it.

I didn't experience this on my old XP system – how can I make it stick?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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