Can’t Display Audio Waveforms–What Am I Doing Wrong?

Posted in Video Editing on December 19th, 2011 7:48 am by admin

Can’t Display Audio Waveforms–What Am I Doing Wrong?

Avid Editor installed MC6 for me and helped me get started using it.  However, we could not display audio waveforms despite following instructions ( selecting display waveforms in smart menu, clicking waveform icon in Track Control panel, messing with modifying size of sample waveform—ctrl,alt, L for WIN, etc).  I had this problem once before as I was learning MC5, and fixed it, but did not keep notes and now after searching many sources I can not find solution.

Given all the hurdles with downloading, getting serial numbers, installing, activating that I have passed (the free upgrade from MC5.5) with help from Avid editor, Marianna and Avid install help line this waveform issue is minor, but frustrating.  Would appreciate advice on what setting I have wrong or …?  Thank you

I´m dreaming of a christmas patch!

I´m one of those "6.0 idiots" who supposed that a ".0"-version will work on certfied system (how can i even thought about it). After discovering an essential keyboard issue and a sluggish playback with mxo2 mini, i went back to the 5.5 version, hoping that there will be SOON an update. More than one month later (!) i hoped for a christmas gift in the form of a patch. But nothing happened and i fear nothing will happen until next year.

Good policy AVID!

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