offline format

Posted in Video Editing on December 18th, 2011 7:42 am by admin

offline format

Hi there

I've been given some rushes for a trailer edit that are in HDV 1080i/50 format .movs (captured I think in FCP).

I'm running MC 5.0.3

I can AMA link to the files but am I right in thinking that I should transcode the rushes to another resolution.

If so:

What project format should I open?

What resolution should I transcode to?

I tried opening a 1080i/50 project and transcoding to dnxhd TR-120 but the file size was very large.

I also tried opening a 25i project and consolidating to DV25 (my usual workflow) but the motion in the transcoded clip was weird…


Any help with this workflow greatly appreciated!


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