MC6 hang when playing HDV

Posted in Video Editing on December 11th, 2011 7:46 am by admin

MC6 hang when playing HDV

I have captured and imported HDV media and edited without problems in MC5.5. In MC6 the mixdown sequence play ok, but all HDV media make the system hang. This is for old projects hen the mixdown was possible.

I tested also with a new project. The import of media worked fine. The playback made the MC6 hang. Only the first frame was visible.

In MC 5.5 i could select thin raster 1440×1280. This is not an option any more.

Is there a setting, patch etc to solve my HDV problem?

In an attempt to solve the problem I innsatalled the new graphics driver. Now the system ending in core dump (blue screen) after partiual start of MC6. Driver 275.89. I am still testing. At the moment i repair all installations so all SW 'know' the new driver.


Dell Precision 650, Xeon 5140 2,33GHz, 4GB MEM, NVIDIA Quadro FX350, MATROX Mini MXO2.

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