Clock Effect Plugin available for MC6 now

Posted in Video Editing on December 10th, 2011 7:47 am by admin

Clock Effect Plugin available for MC6 now

The clock effect plugin that provides a realtime analogue clock and a realtime digital clock is now available in a 64-bit version for MC6 too.

For download and instructions see following link:

If you find any issues with this plugin please post here.



Anyone know about H24ckT video codec?

Good Morning (UK time) wonderful people of the avid community,

Just prepping a project shot on the 5d and 7d.  I did a link to AMA for the 1,000 plus clips have.  All are numbered and filed in sequential order.  On the hard drive the rushes all read in a quick time player as h264 codec – but when I link to AMA through AVID – the first third of clips read under the video column h264 and then the reamining two thirds under the video colum read H24ckT – i tried researching what this codec was – but can't find anything.  I was wondering if you guys had an idea of what this codec is – and what it's about?


Workflow is I'm transcoding to DNxHD 36 MXF and then will relink to original clips for the conform.  


As always heartfelt thanks for any response.



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