Select Country field blank in License Control

Posted in Video Editing on December 7th, 2011 7:56 am by admin

Select Country field blank in License Control

I can't register my Upgrade from MC 5.5 to 6 because the Select Country popup is blank and it won't let me proceed. What should I do?

Importing MXF files

OK, I posted about this last night and thought I had the answer, but it does not work as described.  I am using a Firestore DTE and recorded the files as native Avid MXF files.  When I try to import the files into Avid by selecting import from a bin it tells me I can not do it that way…. So… How the heck to I transfer MXF files from a DTE into Avid so I can edit…  Any help would be most greatly appreciated!!!!  I'm hoping somoene uses one of these drives and can give me a workflow to make this happen…  In the meantime, since I am on a super tight deadline, I am going to have to start bringing the media in via the tape backup.. S-L-O-W… LOL.. :-)

Thanks in advance!




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