Avid DVD wants to re-transcode some mpgs

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Avid DVD wants to re-transcode some mpgs


i have a problem with the avid dvd. I transcoded my quick ref file from Avid to TMPGenc with VBR, 5300, 6500, 9000, interlace top field first.

when i add it to avid dvd, i DO NOT get a message like "one or more file(s) you are importing appear not to be DVD compliant and may require transcoding to your current prefference settings." it seems everything is ok…

when i burn the master, avid dvd wants to re-transcode the mpg file. not all files, only few. but i dont get the system behind. i tried mpg & m2v etc., sorenson & tmpg.

i use avid mc 3.1.3 and avid dvd 6, i tried 6 and 6.1.1, no difference… i checked all forum diskussions here at the avid community but nothing solves the problem.

what could i do?

thanks for your help.

best regards


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