Upgrading from Mc 5,5 to Mc 6

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Upgrading from Mc 5,5 to Mc 6


1) Can I load my old project in MC6?

2) Can I load my old effect preset in MC6?

3) Is Magic Bullet Look Compatible with Mc6?

4) How to download new Avid Fx, Sorenson Squeez, Avid Dvd, upgrading to MC6  from MC 5,5



Relinking Media Located on Another Drive?

I am a seasoned editor in FCP / PPro, and have done several projects with AVID before… so I thought that a little clean-up edit for a known client couldn't be too hard.

Turns out I was wrong. It is such a mess.

I've managed, through re-copying the Avid Mediafiles to new "1" directory, then deleting database files, re-indexing, etc, to get most files back online. However, some files just won't come back – I', fairly certain they were imported onto a different drive (that I don't have – likely the other, fired editor's).

The project was shot on a 5D, however, and I have all the original media. I just don't know how to associate the offline clip in Avid (which seems to have been assigned a new timecode upon import as all offline files start at random TOD TCs) with the original 5D .MOV file. Obviously I can re-import the .MOV file, have AVID transcode it to DNxHD and have it in the project, but how do I associate the original file referenced in the timeline with this one, especially when the timecodes (or the titles) don't match.

If there is any way to do this though AMA, that would also be superior, so I don't have to transcode clips as well.

Thanks, all!

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