media composer 6 MC6 will no longer mount AMA volumes

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media composer 6 MC6 will no longer mount AMA volumes

media composer 6 will no longer mount my AMA volumes even though 5.5.3 would


using a geforce as a quadro


Mind you, this is not for the feint of heart, has no guarantees, is not tested fully and I take no responsibility if it fails…. But while trying to find how much avid depends on the quadro card for its speed and use of GPU assisted renders I ran into an interesting post which allows you to force the avid to acknowledge the Geforce card as fit to use for GPU enhanced computing. And it goes like this:

First you download GPU-Z, a program that tells you what videocard you have, what driver it uses and how hard it is working. You can find it here:

Install, open and get the following information:

under the name header, the name of your GPU, in my case NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580

under the driver version header, the version of your driver, in my case 275.33

Then you go to the file avid uses to determine which cards are approved and which aren't, most probably located in c:\Program Files (x86)\Avid\Avid Media Composer\SupportingFiles\Config. It is a text document called QualifiedGpuBoards. Open it in notepad and save as QualifiedGpuBoardsOriginal. Just in case it doesn't work, you can go back to the original. Close notepad and open QualifiedGpuBoards again.

You now will see something like this:


;Copyright 2008 Avid Technology, Inc.

;All Rights Reserved


;This file contains the list of qualified GPU cards for both MAC & PC.




; – April 29 2008: UDevC00098019: Remove 4600 & 5600 from the list and leave only the 3700 for now.

; – Sept. 10 2008: UDevC00111492: Add driver version qualification (169.47).



;NOTE: Qualified board must be described as: "Full_name : Vendor_name : Model_number : Driver_version".

;NOTE: Board description without full nomenclature is not registered.

;NOTE: You can get your board description with console command "acplgpueffects".

;NOTE: If driver version is omitted, then all driver versions are accepted. 

;NOTE: If multiple driver version are supported, use multiple lines.



PC_SUPPORTED_CARDS ; Token that indicates the start of the list of qualified cards on PC

;For Quadro FX, the preferred driver is 190.38.

;For Quadro, the driver is 259.77.

;A few people have been hit by a 190.38 driver crash on Win7/Vista with FX3800/FX4800. If this happens, use 259.57


;NVIDIA Corporation–Quadro FX 4600/PCI/SSE2 : NVIDIA : 4600 : 190.38

;NVIDIA Corporation–Quadro FX 5600/PCI/SSE2 : NVIDIA : 5600 : 190.38

NVIDIA Corporation–Quadro FX 3700/PCI/SSE2 : NVIDIA : 3700 : 190.38

NVIDIA Corporation–Quadro FX 3800/PCI/SSE2 : NVIDIA : 3800 : 190.38

NVIDIA Corporation–Quadro FX 4800/PCI/SSE2 : NVIDIA : 4800 : 190.38


NVIDIA Corporation–Quadro FX 3800/PCI/SSE2 : NVIDIA : 3800 : 259.77

NVIDIA Corporation–Quadro FX 4800/PCI/SSE2 : NVIDIA : 4800 : 259.77

;NVIDIA Corporation–Quadro 5000/PCI/SSE2 : NVIDIA : 5000 : 259.77

NVIDIA Corporation–Quadro 4000/PCI/SSE2 : NVIDIA : 4000 : 259.77

NVIDIA Corporation–NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580/PCI/SSE2 : NVIDIA : 580 : 275.33




MAC_SUPPORTED_CARDS ; Token that indicates the start of the list of qualified cards on MAC


;NVIDIA Corporation–NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT OpenGL Engine : NVIDIA : 8800


I said like this, because this is the already modded file I now use. In the last line I deleted the Quadro 2000 information and replaced it with the info retrieved from GPU-z following the format used in the other lines, which is also described in the notes of the text. Do the same for your card and save. If all goes well avid will start and mention your card briefly during startup as acknowledged for use. And when rendering certain effects GPU-z shows that the video card is used for calculations with an increase in GPU load.

Now as said all of this is at your own risk, and I will test further. But if anyone wants to try please post your experiences. 

Good luck, happy editing and many thanks to Gonzakpo for finding the way and Wokis for daring to try it (don't know the real names) 


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