Error when starting Avid MC 5.5

Posted in Video Editing on November 24th, 2011 7:44 am by admin

Error when starting Avid MC 5.5

So I didn't get this before installing 5.5 and I don't think I got it the first couple of times using 5.5 but now whenever I start up Avid MC 5.5 old project or new I get the following pop up error message.


Does anyone have any ideas what this means? If i click continue, everything seems to work fine, mind you I haven't tried "everything", I can work and export. is what I'm saying and nothing seems to be out of order.

Thanks in advance.



Tiffen DFX Film Stocks

At 3.0.5 Film stocks doesn't work for MC6.

You can select them as I did here.

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