NewBlue Titler Program

Posted in Video Editing on November 17th, 2011 7:46 am by admin

NewBlue Titler Program

I just thought I would mention this since I often read post where people wish Avid had a better title program.  I have been BETA testing this NewBlue Titler Pro application and it is a decent title program for a very reasonable price.  For those looking to expand/improve their title options, I would suggest you check this out.  I have not tested it with MC 6, but am told that it will work with MC 6.  It is fairly simple to use and has a lot of cool features.

MC 5.5.3 1080p24 project is recognized by Aja IO Express as 1080p24sf (=psf), output on consumer HD TV doesn’t work

In MC 5.5.3 a 1080p24 project (columns show 1080p24, 24 frames, DNXHD 36, color space 709) is recognized by Aja IO Express as 1080p24sf (in AJa terms, means psf) and output on a consumer HD LCD TV (Sony Bravia 32EX520, which is in color space 709 mode) over HDMI doesn't work. Only once the Sony showed format not supported. AJA IO Express Test Patterns in 1080p24 will be output on the Sony over HDMI (but not in analogue Comp. SMPTE/EBU) without problem. 8 or 10 bit makes no difference in the 1080p24 project. A 625i project will be output from MC, Aja and Sony without problems.The delivered Aja 9.1 driver didn't work, I had to downgrade to Aja 9.05 driver, Aja firmware used is 05/18/2011. I'm  on Mac 4.1 (2009) Dual Quad 2,26 GHz, 8 GB, SSD, OS 10.6.8, Radeon 4870. Thanks for help!

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