“Interpret footage” to adjust frame rates

Posted in Video Editing on November 13th, 2011 7:44 am by admin

“Interpret footage” to adjust frame rates

Sometimes, some of these newer cameras and formats will have files that report odd frame rates – 29.95, 29.93, 29.96, and so forth.  The way I usually fix this is to bring them all into Adobe Media Encoder CS5, set them all to "Interpret Footage" as 29.97 fps while I convert to DNx, and that corrects it.

However, when I AMA or import them directly into Avid, without the Adobe step, I get weird frame blending, and misreported frame rates.

A fix for this would be great!

Media Composer Round-trip to Apple Motion

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience or insight regarding workflows incorporating Media Composer and Apple Motion5?

I'm editing a short film shot with a DSLR that unfortunately has some sgnificant noise in a few low-light shots. I have Neat Video installed in Motion 5 (which is brilliant), but I'm not sure what the best workflow would be to export from Avid and import back in. I don't think Motion 5 knows about AAF…

Should I just wait until the film is edited and color graded in Avid and apply the noise reduction later on, or should I try to export my raw shots and then bring them back following noise reduction?

Thanks everyone!

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