Weird double exposure on export…please help!!!!

Posted in Video Editing on November 5th, 2011 6:46 am by admin

Weird double exposure on export…please help!!!!

Hi guys,


I have multiple timelases on a sequence.  When I try to export it, the first clip looks like two images have been superimposed over each other.  It's really weird! All the other shots look fine though.  The clip is a quicktime that I pulled in via the AMA and transcoded.  It was shot at 50fps, which Avid has acknowledged (the clip has the frame rate written in brackets). It looks fine in the edit, but the minute you export, we have this washed out look with 2 images sort of over each other…kind of like a watermark.  Any ideas why this is happening.

Project is 1080i, everything is transcoded to DNxHD120.  Tried exporting "same as source" and as an "H264 QT".  


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! 

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