Problems with QT H.264 Material

Posted in Video Editing on October 30th, 2011 6:45 am by admin

Problems with QT H.264 Material

hi there,

I want quickly to edit a project wiht original QT H264 Files.

That for I importd them with AMA.

But there are problems with the playbck and performance.

It stutters or stops the playback.

So I wanted to try to bring them to an mxf file with transode.

But at this part my AVID brakes down and I get an error 000.

On the other hand my clip is 52 Seconds long, but I only want to transcode

4 seconds from it. So I should do it with consolidate.

But it wont do this as well, becuase I am told to transcode first.

So why should I use the AMA function ? I cant playback normal.

And is there no quick way to transode AND consolidate at the same time ? 

AND: I want to do it in two ways:

Consolidate + transcode from bin, so I could perhaps a least set in + out for clips and choose a bit.

Consolidate + transcode from the edited sequence, so that my already edited parts are just switched

to a new clip which should "run" better. Any ideas ?

Normal import takes hours to created thes mxf files. It is sooo long, that it seems to be no good idea.

Cant I just get in my material, regardless of which source and start editing ?

Is there always this complicated, time-and spacetaking way???

Many greetings, Andrea




Sound Card & CPU compatibility

Hello all,

I'm about to build a Windows 7 PC machine for the primary purpose of editing on MC 5.5.

I'm trying to stay as close to Avid's system requirements as possible.  However, I see that recommended sound cards are no longer listed.  In fact, I can't find anything related to sound.  Can anyone point me toward sound cards that are considered tried and true for MC 5.5?  Should I go with a Creative card?  Or is the onboard sound of most modern mobos enough and/or stable on MC?  I'm currently looking at the Asus P8Z68-V Pro motherboard.  It lists an audio chipset of Realtek ALC892.

That brings me to my other question.  I had initially planned on pairing that mobo with the Sandy Bridge i7 2600k CPU, as the lead Avid tech at my university reported screaming performance from it recently, and it seems to be a good value.  However, I've read of warnings against Sandy Bridge here, particularly as it relates to I/O hardware. I will probably be strictly working with tapeless material, and I don't plan on buying any I/O hardware, with the possible exception of the Matrox Mini box in the future.  I see that the Videoguys now list a Sandy Bridge configuration.  Has anyone run Sandy Bridge with MC 5.5 with stability?  Are errors strictly related to I/O hardware?

Any advice would be incredibly useful and appreciated.  Thanks so much in advance everyone.


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